The first development reading was in February 2020 at The Mary Rodgers Room at The Dramatists Guild of America.

Full length. 2M, 2W, 1NB.

Mined/Matter is a new scifi western revenge comedy. Planetoid 37 is a strange and troubled place with continuous realtime elections, embodied targeted advertising, and tele-babysitting. But for Byron Reed, it's home. When he finally breaks out of prison to return there, he tries to put everything back to normal. There's only one problem: an invading galactic conqueror.

In development at The Playground Experiment.

First reading was at Drop & Give Me 10: X at Primary Stages ESPA.

Second reading was at The PGE Virtual Volume 114 on FB Live.

Third reading was at The PGE Virtual Volume 119 on YouTube.

Fourth reading was at The PGE Virtual Volume 126 on YouTube.

One act. 2 W, 1 M.

What does it really mean to be an ethical vampire? And can any really modern relationship be expected to survive through eternity?

Premiere production at The Players Theatre in NYC August 2019.

Full length. 2M, 1W.

A tech startup tries to solve the hardest problem known to science: the female orgasm.

"[It's] real, it’s funny, and it’s hilarious."

-Jacob Goldbas

Hi! Drama

"The play navigates the dangerous intersection of sex and business relationships smartly. "

-Asya Gorovits

Theatre Is Easy

Premiered as part of Primary Stages ESPA's Detention #50: 50 Shades of Detention on Zoom and YouTube.

Second production as part of The PlayGround Experiment's Faces of America Monologue Festival #2.

Monologue. 1M.

A father attempts to begin a new life after the pandemic.

" important message for our time, all wrapped up in a compact monologue."

-Maximillian Gill

Included in the published collection of monologues from The PGE Faces of American Monologue Festival #2. Available on Amazon.

"I truly love the final moment of this piece."

-Jordan Elizabeth Henry

Monologue. 1M.

When Lenny meets Sarah, he decides to become the sort of person who could handle a houseplant.

5 minutes. 1M, 1W.

When Harry wakes up on best friend Julia's couch after a long and complicated night out, there's only one thing on his mind: what exactly did I say last night?

"Funny! Smith's witty banter sizzles in this fast-paced two-hander. A delightful comedy, that would be so much fun to produce! Vampires, werewolves and avocados toast?? I am 100% here for this play."-Rachael Carnes

Video from the premiere production at the Five Minute Mile festival in Houston in Spring 2019

Premiered at the 2020 One Minute Play Festival in a production by Kitchen Dog Theater.

1 Minute. 1M, 1W.

Can there be a bright side to quarantine?

"Smith concludes with the best laugh line in the script, saving the best to last and leaving me wanting more."-Steven G. Martin

10 minutes. 1M, 1W.

Dr. Grace Young is one of the most brilliant scientists in the world, so why is this jerk from marketing interrupting her research to harass her?

"Highly amusing and deeply relatable."-Scott Sickles

10 minutes. 1M, 1W.

Janet humors David, when he wants to show off his home-brewed beer at the end of their date. But there's something off about his brews.

"A fun rom-com that twists in unexpected ways..."-Ellen Davis Sullivan




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