Premiered as part of Primary Stages ESPA's Detention #50: 50 Shades of Detention on Zoom and YouTube.

Second production as part of The PlayGround Experiment's Faces of America Monologue Festival #2.

Monologue. 1M.

A father attempts to begin a new life after the pandemic.

" important message for our time, all wrapped up in a compact monologue."

-Maximillian Gill

Included in the published collection of monologues from The PGE Faces of American Monologue Festival #2. Available on Amazon.

"I truly love the final moment of this piece."

-Jordan Elizabeth Henry

Monologue. 1M.

When Lenny meets Sarah, he decides to become the sort of person who could handle a houseplant.

Monologue. 1M.

Keith struggles to get serious with his new boyfriend, David.

Hard Coded

Monologue. 1M.

Klaxtron Death Machine 3000s don’t change. Or do they?




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