Ferrous Ensemble is a chamber music project at the intersection of contemporary classical and electronic music.

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New vocal single: As Evening Falls

Featuring Victoria Pakalniece and Jordi Castellà. Adapted from a poem by Conrad Aiken.

New instrumental single for 2021: Cloudbreak.

All proceeds from this track will go to the Sweet Relief COVID-19 Fund.

Free instrumental single: Thanks?

Written in response to Bach's Chorale BWV 346.

Illustrated music video for Awaken, from the album EXO ENDO GEN.

EXO ENDO GEN is the first album from the Ferrous Ensemble, available on all major music distribution services.

Animated music video for Microbial Minimalism, from the album EXO ENDO GEN.

Solo Songs

Isolated songs, not part of larger musicals.

Sheet Music

Among Equals.pdf
Woodland Waltz.pdf