Jeff Smith



Nachos Supreme

5 minutes. 1M, 1W

Premiering at the Five Minute Mile festival in Houston from March 28 to April 13, 2019

When Harry wakes up on best friend Julia's couch after a long and complicated night out, there's only one thing on his mind: what exactly did I say last night?

Objective Function

15 minutes. 1M, 1W.

Stan is the perfect boyfriend. He cooks, cleans, and composes poetry for Emily. So, why isn't she happy with his unfaltering devotion?

Red Alert

10 minutes. 3M.

Six years of deep space exploration can do funny things to a person. Even a brilliant scientist can start to lose track of things like skulls, alien artifacts, even lab assistants.

Great Plans

15 minutes. 1M, 1W.

When Anthony can't get a meeting with the boss, he turns to his colleague Rose to vet his series of sure-fire plans to rocket them into the boss' office and up the corporate ladder. But something's not quite right about all of these great plans.

Natural Language Understanding

15 minutes. 1M, 1W.

In a world where synthetic beings make the law, guilt is established through an infallible mathematical process. When Horace is accused of domestic terrorism, he'll need to get inside the mind of the machines, if he hopes to escape with his life.

Checkin Policy

5 minutes. 2M.

At the most illogical hotel in the world, just getting checked in is half the battle.

Multifactor Atrocity

5 minutes. 1M, 1W.

Two dark souls find love on a first date.


Jeff Smith is an NYC-based playwright, focused on finding the humor in the absurdities of modern life. He has studied theater at the Primary Stages Einhorn School of Performing Arts, The Acting Studio, and The Barrow Group. His non-theatrical work is focused on artificial intelligence research and education. His book, Machine Learning Systems, pioneered the use of narrative and humor in machine learning educational materials and was described as “fantastic.”